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The Story of March 1, 2016 Karl Smallwood Leave a comment In 1983, Paul Mockapetris proposed a distributed database of internet name and address pairs, now known as the Domain Name System (DNS).  This is essentially a distributed “phone book” linking a domain’s name to its address, allowing you to type in something like…

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For $39.95 per company, our Old Company Research Service will provide you with a brief status profile of companies whose original identities have been lost due to a change in name, merger, acquisition, dissolution, reorganization, bankruptcy or charter cancellation.

You can find additional information about our Old Company Research Service at Please be advised that this process usually takes anywhere from several days up to three weeks once payment is received.

We offer this service for companies incorporated anywhere in the world. If we do not find what happened to the company, you are not charged for our service or time.

If you would like to use this service please go to top or the bottom of this page and complete the information form. The minimum information we need to start the process is the company name, state of incorporation, and the date the certificate was issued. Once you complete the information form, please click on “Add to shopping cart”. If you have more than one company to research, please follow the same process again and each company will be added to your shopping cart. If you would rather order by mail or fax, or you can print out our Mail and Fax Order Form by Clicking Here to send us the information.

RARE Bond Certificate #72 from the County of San Francisco issued in 1852

Beautiful RARE Bond Certificate #72 from the County of San Francisco issued in 1852. This historic document was printed by the R. F. Butler Company, San Francisco and has an ornate border around it with a vignettes of two allegorical women in the center and George Washington on the lower left. This item has the signatures of the Commissioners of the Funded Debt of the County of San Francisco, Mayor Stephen R. Harris, F. D. Kohler (Frederick D. Kohler ), O. H. Frank , and is over 157 years old.